Diversity and Inclusion in British Football

The events of the past 12 months have caused me to reflect a lot recently on the role of internal communication in helping to create diverse and inclusive organisations, and it took me back to a research project that I carried out for my MBA in 2017. The project looked into the lack of diversityContinue reading “Diversity and Inclusion in British Football”

Why targeting influential employees is more effective and efficient than all-colleague approaches

In internal communication, it is often assumed that we need to reach and engage the largest possible number of employees with our communications and this is reflected in measurements that focus on things such as page views and open rates, rather than outcomes and impact. This approach of attempting to communicate with all colleagues equally,Continue reading “Why targeting influential employees is more effective and efficient than all-colleague approaches”

Introducing the Comms Insider

Today I am launching a new blog – the Comms Insider.  The Comms Insider is where I will discuss all things internal communication and employee engagement. I’ll be writing about a mix of traditional, new and emerging theories and practices and how these can be adapted and applied in today’s rapidly changing business world toContinue reading “Introducing the Comms Insider”